Customer Support+94 77 55 29 557 is the e-commerce website in Sri Lanka promoting reputed brands of vehicle Tyres, Batteries, Alloy wheels,Rims and tubes including lubricants. is backed by a total 10 year expertise in the technical aspects of selling of tyres. With this knowledge we are able to advice prospective customers and existing customers in the correct technical aspects of their tyre, battery, wheels & Rims

We are willing and able to advise customers as a service so that they will get to know what is best for their vehicles. Not just selling but advising & providing them their need of the time. Our online presence stands for customer loyalty and we endeavor to back this up by providing excellent service with integrity, credibility & loyalty to customer. We want to be a reckoning name in the tyre market for honest product & service. To this end we look forward to hearing from you to prove our claim.

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